Rhaynah Venomheart

Belly Jelly

  • Magusar awakened Rhaynah’s connection to her ancient reptilian lineage, improving her ability to move and evenly distribute her weight as a reptilie does.
  • For the purpose of triggering traps and passing through spaces occupied by larger creatures, Rhaynah counts as a small creature.

Serpentine Blood

  • Rhaynah’s contact with the draconic shrine strenghtened her control over her magically cursed blood.
  • You can spill your blood on the earth, taking 1d4 piercing damage, to summon a snake that obeys your verbal commands. You can issue these commands at any time as a free action. Choose from:
  • poisonous snake
  • fire snake
  • flying snake


  • Feat
  • You have three Luck Points.
  • After you roll a d20, you may spend one Luck Token to immediately reroll it.
  • Your Luck Points refresh when you take a long rest.

Rhaynah Venomheart

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