In an effort to keep combat fresh and interesting, I homebrew a lot of weapons. Many of them are meant to be sidegrades, not upgrades. I can’t be boosting you all the time without wrecking game balance, but that doesn’t mean I can’t give you expanded options and the thrill of new loot.

Sometimes though, this results in items that have weird rules that might run contrary to how weapons normally function. To avoid confusion, I will be posting those here as well as in the items section.

Ultralight Class weapons

  • Ultralight class weapons do not benefit from damage modifiers ; they are too small or too light to receive the damage bonus that is normally imparted by damage modifiers like STR or DEX.These weapons are designed to be balanced with their regular-weapon counterparts.; the loss of modifiers is made up for by making more attacks or using a greater number of damage dice.
  • Ultra-light is a weapon class, and can be found alongside other classes such as heavy or finesse in the Items section.


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