Dooptopian Gods

They Were Meant to Behold


The party continues investigating the petrified victims, and among the “statues” they discover a pair of petrified liches. Larloch and Szazz Tam. Both of these undead wizards have terrifying legacies, so the fact that such fearsome creatures were overcome by Vexamir speaks volumes of his power and cunning.

The party resumes their explortation of the dungeon, triggering a giant swinging log trap in the process! The party avoids taking major damage from the trap, but the sound of it being deployed drew the attention of Dilftad the Stone Giant. Dilftad is Vexamir’s servant, and is clearly terrified of angering his master.


Dilftad’s job is to prevent any undesirables from entering Vexamir’s lair, but he has no objection to the party entering the mountains subterranean levels and cleaning out some of the lesser rabble. By impersonating Randal Flagg, the party is even able to compel Dilftad to assist them.

Dilftad warns them that while most of the various beholder-kin are unwanted pests, among the Gazers is Vexamir’s pet Clatha, who must not be harmed. Clatha was once a powerful necromancer adventurer and a powerful enemy to Vexamir, and when Clatha was defeated he was transformed and devolved into a Gazer – the lowest form of beholder. It amused Vexamir to see his old foe trapped in the form of an unintelligent, lowly leg-humper.

After being safely carried over the trap covered floor by their new friend Dilftad, the party quickly came upon a pair of Gazers and a Gauth.


Dilftad became increasingly disressed by “Flagg’s” wreckless behavior, and he was torn between displeasing Flagg and displeasing his master. After being parlyzed by the Gauth, Dilftad was overwhelmed and exited the battlefield. However, the party proved quite capable of handling things without him, and ended the session by defeating the lesser beholder-kin.



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